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"Kaledin’s fast-paced and erudite debut will leave readers clamoring for the sequel.”

CONALL RYAN, author of House of Cards

Available as of June 6, 2022

Thrown out of the Boston Police Department for going rogue once too often, Detective Tim Hennessey washes up on the shores of Cape Cod, rebuilding his life after an unexpected divorce, a battle with the bottle, and the collapse of his career.


Hired as a consultant to the Barnstable County Police Department, Hennessey is brought in to help out Phil Lipman, the BCPD's only full-time detective. A series of arsons involving regional performing arts buildings remain unsolved. Also unsolved is a bizarre, gruesome death that shocks and terrifies the Cape. The BCPD doesn't even know whose body it has on its hands.  


Despite the past coming back to haunt him, Hennessey pushes the team forward. He pushes his love life forward at the same time too.

As the wheels of justice grind ahead, things go awry and Hennessey's frustration with the system boils over. Hanging over everything is his decades-long conflict with a nemesis from the Boston underworld, who now torments Hennessey on Cape Cod while continuing to elude him. Despite his grit, intelligence, and perseverance, two questions confront Hennessey: how will he use his new-found knowledge... and might it even destroy him?

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"A fun, riveting, multi-dimensional read...a nail-biting “who done it”…and an ode to a very special place for many of us: Cape Cod.” 

ELISA M.  SPERANZA, author of The Italian Prisoner

“Twists and turns like a Cape Cod country road. Readers had better hold on for dear life, and watch where they're swimming too!"

M. TODD HENDERSON, ESQ., author of State of Shock

“A grand romp through the dunes of Cape Cod and the treacherous waters surrounding them. Dissonance features an irresistible mix of lowlifes in high culture, compelling courtroom drama, and a hungry shark."

CONALL RYAN, author of House of Cards

“Richly textured, tension-building legal fiction along the lines of Scott Turow or John Grisham.”

HARRY S. MARGOLIS, ESQ., author of Get Your Ducks in a Row

"Detectives, crooks, intrigue, romance, and big-time surprises -- all on picturesque Cape Cod.“

RC BINSTOCK, author of Tree of Heaven

"A suspenseful thriller with an end the reader will not expect."

HARRY GROOME, author of The Best of Families



Jon Kaledin was born and raised just outside of Boston. He trained initially as a cellist and musicologist, then attended law school. His career has been as an environmental lawyer and non-profit executive.


Jon’s non-fiction writing has appeared in The American Prospect, USA Today, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, and numerous other newspapers and journals throughout the U.S.  Dissonance is his first novel.

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